Exam Glove






We produce synthetic and latex exam gloves for the premium healthcare industry. There are sterile or non-sterile and manufacturing in a GMP-controlled environment for medical and pharmaceutical industry application. They include nitrile and latex gloves, hand specific procedure gloves, and specialty gloves like high risk exam gloves, accelerator-free nitrile gloves and black nitrile gloves.

We implement a comprehensive Quality Management System throughout our manufacturing processes. Our QA lab is equipped with a complete range of state-of-the-art testing facilities. Our tests include:

  • Pinhole detection via auto pinhole testers and waterleak tests,
  • Visual inspection,
  • Physical properties like tensile strength,
  • Powder residue and
  • Microbiological tests such as bioburden

In addition, we also use SEM-EDX to analyse the surface morphology of the glove.